Cooking in Berlin has been greatly influenced by the immigrants from the neighboring regions. Common in Berlin are dishes with goose, pork, and fish such as:

  • Carp;
  • Eel;
  • Pike.

With cabbage, legumes such as:

  • Peas;
  • Lentils;
  • Beans;
  • Turnips;

Pickles and potatoes. How they put all of this together is a real adventure.

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The country of Germany is known for food – from pretzels aplenty and immense schnitzel to the huge steins of beer – and the capital is just as good in iconic foods, in fact the word Berliner means donut. A Food Tour Berlin as well as Germany is a wonderful experience.

Passionate foodies

People of German are passionate foodies who like to show-off the very best of Berlin food. Berlin is an exciting as well as lively city and is a mix of cultures has influenced the flavours that you will find here. Food Tours Berlin will give you tastes of their foods as well as their culture.

Starts in East Berlin

Board on a 3-hour Berlin Food Tour that starts in East Berlin. You will experience the local German food and the Turkish contribution that is a part of German food and has been for over 50 years. You will discover the exceptional culture of street food, beer halls and the locals going out to eat. You will walk down many historical streets in bohemian neighbourhoods, seeing the latest street art and walk to the famed Berlin Wall as well as East Side Gallery, being educated in the past of Berlin.


By booking one of any of their award-winning Berlin Food Tours, you will go on a tasting adventure with both wonderful German foods/drinks and with some mouth-watering international inspirations. You will be entertained with stories of the city and its history, and you will end with a stomach full of food and a lesson of the cuisine, the culture and fusion that formed it.