Japan is one of the most amazing countries that you can ever visit. Starting from a rich culture to beautiful landscapes it has everything that makes it the ideal tourist attraction.

Reasons to Go To Japan

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should totally give Japan a try:

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  1. Stunning Shrines and Temples: The whole of Japan is covered with ancient Buddhist temples and shrines, the very site of which is enough to take your breath away. Until and unless you see them with your own eyes, you will not believe its true beauty.
  2. Crazily Clean: Japan is a country where you will not find a single place littered with garbage. The roads are as clean as it can be with nice smelling streets and bus drivers wearing white gloves. It is so clean that you could literally lick the sidewalk off without contracting any disease.
  3. Breathtaking Landscapes: Japan has some of the most amazing natural landscapes to witness. Not only that, the magnificent beauty of the Japan Fuji, the spectacle Arashiyama Bamboo forest and the numerous rugged mountains and gardens make Japan a perfect holiday destination for the tourists.
  4. The Weird Country: One of the many reasons of visiting Japan should be its weirdness. It’s a country which has some of the weirdest things in the world like the plastic food, square water melons, cartoon version of literally everything and the list of bizarreness goes on.
  5. Punctual Public Transportation: There can be nothing more punctual than the public trains in Japan. If the arrival time of the train is 8:30, it will pull in by 8.29 and will still manage to leave by 8.30. Unbelievable right?

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