Travelling is always the best option to make yourself relaxed and it is almost everyone’s hobby. But the main concern is where to stay. People, who love traveling from one city to other or from one country to another, face difficulty in staying in hotels. Sometimes they don’t get a room or the hotel is not well-maintained, that is staying is the most concerned thing when you travel a lot.

Different categories of hotels

Hotels have different categories; like locally owned hotels, boutique hotels and there are chains of hotels as well.

Boutique hotels are the hotels having 10 to 100 rooms. The boutique hotels are often operated individually and have no affiliation with chains of hotels. The area is not a main concern for the boutique hotels but many of them are located in fashionable areas.

Locally owned hotels are the hotels/motels groups which are affiliated under National Franchise agreements. These hotels are generally located in the areas which have the tourist attraction. As it is very expensive but it will never disappoint you as far as appearance is concerned.

Now coming to the hotel chains, these are the group of hotels located in different areas in the city.

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Staying in Christ church; not to worry about staying in hotels

If you are traveling to Christ Church or you have any business meeting in Christ Church and you are concerned about staying in a hotel but your budget is limited, don’t worry, Christ church has the best hotels. Just choose which type of hotel you want; locally owned, boutique or 5-star hotels.

These are the hotels having ratings above than 5 stars and are the best hotels in Christ Church are:

  • Bougainvillea beach resort
  • Rostrevor hotel
  • Down beach hotel
  • Yellow bird hotel

These hotels are expensive but include everything from dining to sports and from dancing floor to beaches or swimming pools; you will get a full family holiday package there.

But if you are low on budget and staying individually, then you can opt for boutique hotels which are not so much expensive and can be affordable. Some of the best boutique hotels in Christ church are;

  • The Classic villa
  • Hotel 115
  • Hotel Montreal
  • Marivale manor
  • Airport Palms Hotel

Question pop-ups in your mind- Why Boutique hotels?

Now, the question you must ask to yourself be that why to prefer locally owned or boutique hotels if the hotel chains are the options. The answer is expensiveness of the chained hotel, why to stay in that thousand dollar rented hotels if there is an option for best and economic hotels. Yes, boutique hotels are very economic and the appearance and decoration will never disappoint you in these hotels.

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Family holidays, business meeting or staying single, boutique hotels are the best option

These characteristics of boutique or locally owned hotels make them best option;

  • Size of boutique hotels are very small i.e., 10 to 100 rooms.
  • You will get a feeling being in a personal visitor relatively than a hotel resident.
  • They also provide you a space where guests can interact. That is, you can organize a small business meeting as well.
  • The main concern to live in a hotel is the privacy; the hotels guarantee calm and luxury atmosphere.
  • Hotel proved will be comfortable as well.
  • Some boutique hotels are also equipped with latest technology.
  • The rooms of the hotels are decorated and take care of the intimacy of the guests
  • The hotels are known for their hospitality, thus the members working in the hotels never disappoint you as they are very skilled in hospitality.

Which one is the best- Choice is always yours’!

Reviewing all the pros and cons of the different hotels you can choose which one is the best-the chains of hotels or the boutique one. The more advisable will always be the boutique one as they are not so much expensive and they fulfill all the characteristics of being the best choice. From dining to morning breakfast their meals are on time and tasty also. These hostels are located in the fashionable areas.